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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: Obtaining Medicaid care in 2020 will require applicants to meet most of the same requirements and undergo the same process described below.

The North Dakota Medicaid application program provides blind, elderly and pregnant residents as well as those with a low income or disability free or low-cost health coverage. The Medicaid application form is available for submission in a variety of methods. Eligible petitioners can apply for Medicaid online, in person, by fax, mail and phone.

In any case, there are certain applicants who need to fill out specific forms. If you are planning to sign up for Medicaid and you are younger than 65 years of age and not disabled, you must fill out the Medicaid Application for Health Care Coverage and Help Paying Costs form (SFN 1909). Those who are 65 years of age and older, disabled or blind should fill out the Health Care Application for the Elderly and Disabled form (SFN 958).

If you are looking to apply for North Dakota Medicaid and other social services, fill out the Application for Assistance form (SFN 405). Eligible applicants can discover how to apply for Medicaid in North Dakota within the topics below:

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in North Dakota

Eligible applicants can apply for Medicaid online through the North Dakota Department of Human Services website. Petitioners can submit Medicaid applications on the Online Application System or OASYS. To apply for Medicaid online, OASYS requires all recipients who to set up an account and provide information about themselves as well as the other members of their household.

Medicaid applicants must provide annual income information, Social Security Number(s) and contact information for all members of the applicant’s household to complete the ND Medicaid application forms. Download our in-depth guide today to learn how to apply with ease.

It is possible to save your online North Dakota Medicaid application after partial completions and return to finish it at a later point. You can also apply for ND Medicaid online at the federal government’s Medicaid healthcare website. Once your ND Medicaid application is complete, the state redirects it to the County Social Services Office closest to you.

Do not worry about any sort of deadline to sign up for Medicaid. There is no specific enrollment period as there is with the health insurance policies provided through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medicaid coverage and applications are both available throughout the entire year.

How to Send North Dakota Medicaid Application Forms by Fax

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in North Dakota when you own a fax machine? To fax a Medicaid application, you must reach out to your local County Social Services Office to find out if they accept faxed requests. Get all the in-depth details on how to apply with our comprehensive guide.

If the office is willing to accept Medicaid applications by fax, be sure to include a cover sheet. In some areas, it is illegal to send a fax without a cover sheet. Also, do not forget to sign and date your application for North Dakota Medicaid before faxing it over to your local County Social Services Office.

Where to Apply for Medicaid in North Dakota in Person

Applicants who cannot apply for Medicaid online or by fax can apply in person. To submit Medicaid applications in person, petitioners can visit the local County Social Services Office. Before searching for locations where to apply for Medicaid, applicants should gather all necessary paperwork.

You must bring along some supporting documents to prove your identity, annual income and other details to complete the Medicaid application. Take a look at the items below to help you prepare.

  1. Bring your certified birth certificate as proof of age and citizenship. If you do not have a certified birth certificate, bring along any type of citizenship status such as a passport or immigration documents.
  2. You must also bring government-issued photo identification such as a driver’s license, state-issued identification card or passport.
  3. Proof of your Social Security Number is also a requirement.
  4. If you have a life insurance or a medical policy currently in place, be sure to bring along a copy of it so a representative at your local County Social Services Office can determine if you have benefits eligibility for full, partial or no coverage.
  5. North Dakota Medicaid applications are not complete without the petitioner’s bank statements copies and pay stubs for the past month.
  6. Applicants must include pay stubs from other employed family members who live in the same residence as the Medicaid applicant.
  7. The ND Medicaid application forms also requires a list of real property and motor vehicles owned by the applicants and household family members. This list must include VIN numbers, make and model information.
  8. Medicaid applicants must declare all other financial statements or award letters for additional sources of income such as include child support, retirement benefits, veteran benefits, pensions and Social Security payments.

How to Apply for Medicaid in North Dakota by Mail

North Dakota Medicaid applications are available to download and print from the state Medicaid website. A Medicaid application form is also available by mail if applicants do not have access to an internet connection.

Applicants with questions about how to apply for Medicaid or to request a mailed application can contact the local County Social Services Office to have a North Dakota Medicaid application mailed directly to you. Medicaid petitioners should direct all submissions and request to the County Social Services Office within their living radius.

Be sure to supply supporting documents with mailed Medicaid applications as described above section, “Where to Apply for Medicaid in North Dakota in Person.” Mail copies of essential documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses and passports rather than the original.

How to Submit North Dakota Medicaid Application Over the Phone

Applicants interested in how to apply for Medicaid by phone, can simply dial the federal government’s health insurance number. Those who need assistance with the North Dakota Medicaid application process due to suffering from a hearing impairment can request assistance. Applicants can choose any where to apply for Medicaid over the phone, provided there is a strong connection or on a land line.