About Us

We are not a government website. We are a privately-owned company – comprised of a team of dedicated individuals trying to simplify your life, by helping you find the affordable health insurance you need. However, we are not an official Medicaid office.

We’re proud of our independence as it gives us the opportunity to:

1st: Help thousands of consumers looking for clarification on the Medicaid information they need. We answer simple questions about Medicaid, help user find their official state medicaid phone numbers, office locations and all the forms and application information they need.

2nd: Provide a valuable service to the unstaffed government offices. We educate users, preparing them for their visit to the local medicaid office. This intern reduces the number of visits and length of time each visit takes, shortening lines, and ultimately providing an easier experience for both the government employees and you the consumer.

Let us know how we can help you! Contact us at info@medicaid-help.org