Learn About 6 Work From Home Jobs That Pay

If you want to work from home, but don’t know if it’s a viable option for income, you can rest assured that there are plenty of earing opportunities. There are many work from home jobs that can bring in the cash without requiring you to get out of your pajamas.

Thanks to e-commerce and our reliance on the internet, many jobs have become virtual and a lot of companies are outsourcing their work or just allowing their employees to telecommute. With so many work from home jobs available, it can be tough to pinpoint which ones are worth your time and commitment. Learn more about six different work from home jobs you might be interested in applying for.

About Taking Surveys

Many polling companies are constantly looking for survey-takers to answer questions about products, their lifestyle, or their opinions on different situations and subjects. The companies reward survey takers that work from home with gift cards, discounts on products, or sometimes cash.

Most of these surveys only pay a few dollars, but once you get quick with answering the questions, these bucks can add up fast. However, it’s important to pay attention to how long the survey is taking and make sure it’s worth your time before accepting the job.

Since this is a low paying gig, it’s usually a good idea to sign up with multiple survey sites so you can receive several offers for surveys at the same time. This can also allow that cash flow to add up faster for you.

About Evaluating Websites

Some companies are hired to test a client’s website to be sure all the links work and the site is easy to navigate. The best ways for these companies to test these sites is to instruct work from home employees to perform different functions on the site and provide detailed feedback.

In this role, you’ll be asked to follow the instructions and give your opinions on the site’s performance and design. The company will likely ask you to comment on what aspects of the site you think need to be improved and your overall opinion and evaluation after navigating through the website.

These work from home gigs usually pay per site evaluation, and can average $10 to $15 for each assessment. The pay may not seem like much, but if you prove yourself to a busy website evaluation company, they’re more likely to keep sending tests your way, which can add up to a nice monthly paycheck.

Learn How to Sell Products

Right now, the work from home sales market is booming. Several jewelry, make up and skincare companies have adapted a business model that only employs a work from home sales staff. If you’re interested in becoming a sales representative, you can benefit from a commission on your sales and product discounts.

Sometimes, these salespeople are required to invest in a portion of the product cost before starting to sell. This requires an investment, but if you think you will succeed in this role, it can be worth it. Building your base of clients may take time, but if you’re social, and have solid marketing skills, you should be able to build up a lucrative work from home career as a salesperson.

Learn About Customer Service

With the growing popularity of work from home opportunities, many big companies are hiring customer service representatives as telecommuters. You can search career websites to see which companies are currently hiring customer service representatives.

This job is usually performed over the phone or through a live online chat feature of a company’s website. You could be doing anything from taking customer orders to helping them troubleshoot their technological problems.

If you have good people skills, customer service experience, and are knowledgeable with computers, you should be an easy hire as a customer service representative. Most of these jobs pay an hourly rate and some companies will even take you on as a full-time employee, offering benefits and a steady paycheck.

Learn How to Tutor Students Online

If you have a background in teaching or are fluent in a foreign language, you could be considered for a work from home job as an online tutor. Tutoring companies are starting to outsource their work because more and more students are asking for virtual help instead of in-person sessions. Online tutors are usually paid pretty well for their time, with an hourly average of $15 to $35.

If you have one educational specialty or one language you can tutor for, the stream of income from the work from home job may not be as steady. The tutoring company will only have so many students who need tutoring help in that one subject or language.

Learn How to Analyze Search Engine Results

Big search engine companies are taking on work from home employees to analyze how well their search engine is doing. If hired, the company will provide you with key phrases to search for. You’ll have to answer questions about how well the search engine performed and if the results were satisfactory.

If you have excellent computer skills, this might be a good job for you. It only clocks in at about $9 to $10 per hour, but once you get several cases, the hour s can add up quickly.

There are numerous work from home job options that can be lucrative, offer benefits, and allow for flexibility. If you want to make some money without committing to an office job, you should look into these options as a source of income.

Due to advances in technology, there are countless companies that are tweaking their business model to include work from home employees. If you want to make money from your couch, it’s time to start applying to some of these online jobs.