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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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Vermont Medicaid is offered by the state in conjunction with the federal government. The health care program is managed by the Department of Vermont Health Access (DVHA) and provided to eligible citizens. For people asking, “What is Medicaid?”, it is simply low-cost and free health program offered by the state. The program is offered under Vermont’s Green Mountain Care program, together with another program known as Dr. Dynasaur.

Vermont Medicaid has been expanded under the ACA. Today, more than 155,000 people have enrolled in the program. This is a net decrease of 3.56 percent from the total amount of people covered when the Marketplace first launched in 2013. Nevertheless, VM Medicaid expansion has helped to reduced the number of uninsured Vermont residents in the state. The program enables low-income families and special groups access to quality health care for free.

Vermont Medicaid eligibility is determined by the state. The eligibility requirements may be different from that of other states, and may be revised from time to time. Generally, VM Medicaid covers low-income populations and special group members. Check the Vermont Medicaid eligibility section for an overview of the people covered under the program.

Vermont Medicaid covers a number of health conditions and services. These conditions are outlined by the state and may be offered for free or with co-payment. Vermont Medicaid does not have any monthly premiums. Enrollees enjoy various benefits based on their eligibility category. The eligibility is reviewed every year. VM Medicaid will cease to apply when an individual fails to meet the eligibility criteria at the renewal period.

Applying for Medicaid in Vermont is easy and fast. You can choose from various application options. Check our VM Medicaid application category to know of the available options. When applying, you will have to choose a managed care organization (MCO). The MCO will determine the primary care provider that you can get service from. Getting medical services from a provider that is not in the MCOs’ networks may mean you will have to pay for the services on your own.

Read our Medicaid guidelines to know the eligibility, services covered, and renewal information of the program.

What Are the Requirements for Medicaid in Vermont?

Patients must meet Medicaid eligibility requirements in order to receive government-funded health insurance in the state of Vermont. What are the requirements for Medicaid in VT? To qualify for Medicaid, candidates must meet age, residency and income restrictions determined by Vermont Health Connect. Applicants who meet Vermont Medicaid benefits eligibility may take advantage of the services provided by Vermont’s Green Mountain Care (Medicaid), which offers free or low-cost health care for those in need. Since Medicaid qualifications vary from state to state, it is important to review the information on how to qualify for Medicaid specifically in Vermont.

How To Apply for Medicaid in Vermont

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Vermont? Green Mountain Care, the official Medicaid program in Vermont is available to residents who meet the income limits, or individuals who are disabled or over the age of 65. Pregnant women and children are covered by Dr. Dynasaur, a state-run health program designed for the special needs of children and expectant mothers. The state of Vermont has the second lowest number of uninsured residents in the country. The low uninsured rate is attributed to an aggressive campaign to help residents who find themselves in need of benefits.

Learn About the Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in Vermont

Several types of Medicaid insurance plans are available in the state of Vermont. Vermont’s Green Mountain Care (Medicaid) offers Medicaid plans to qualifying children and adults or aged, blind and disabled applicants. Long-term Medicaid services are also available to qualifying beneficiaries. VT Medicaid coverage also includes prescription drug coverage and Dr. Dynasaur services. Dr. Dynasaur provides free or low-cost health coverage to teenagers under 19, low-income pregnant women and children. All Medicaid types of insurance are available to qualifying applicants who meet age requirements or household size and income restrictions.