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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Vermont? Medicaid applications for Green Mountain Care, the state Medicaid program, are available to candidates who meet Medicaid eligibility requirements. Since Medicaid application forms can be time consuming, it is best that applicants confirm they meet the qualifications for the government-sponsored health care program prior to applying.

As the time nears to apply for Medicaid, the first step is to gather required documents to ensure the paperwork is completed with ease. Then, applicants can choose how to apply for Medicaid based on personal preferences.

Learn where to apply for Medicaid in Vermont by reviewing the following sections:

What Are the Medicaid Application Requirements in Vermont?

In order to apply for Medicaid or Medicaid-based programs in Vermont, applicants will need to complete official paperwork. VT Medicaid applications may request for applicants to attach all required identity verification material, along with including other important details. To ensure Medicaid application forms in Vermont are stress-free, it is best to compile all of the required information prior to starting on the documentation. If an application for Medicaid is incomplete, applicants run the risk of delay – or worse, denial – into Vermont Medicaid.

Forms for Medicaid application require applicants to share the following details:

  • Name and date of birth
  • Address and phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • Proof of Vermont residency
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal presence in the country
  • Proof of income via tax forms and bank statements
  • Current medical coverage plan information, if applicable
  • Any current medical conditions that apply to a candidate
  • Other members living in the household

Medicaid applications require candidates to include the above details for any family members they wish to make beneficiaries through VT Medicaid. In addition, Medicaid application forms are reviewed for income eligibility based on the size of a household. Including all household members on forms for Medicaid applications is mandatory, so applicants should be sure to name and identify anyone living under their roofs.

Proceed with selecting a Medicaid application method only after all of the above items are gathered. For more information about required documents and more, download our comprehensive guide today.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Vermont

To apply for Medicaid online in Vermont is an easy and quick process. Where do you apply for Medicaid online? The Health Connect website is intended to help residents of Vermont access health care information quickly. In order to apply for Medicaid online, applicants need to visit the official website and create a login.

Once applicants have chosen login information they will be given access to the medical assistance application. The online Medicaid application asks questions about employment, residency and household income. These questions are intended to help applicants find the medical insurance coverage that best fits their needs. Health Connect will use online income verification databases to ensure all of the information obtained through a patient’s application is correct.

It is important to note, however, that in some cases, applicants may be asked to mail in proof of income, citizenship and residence. This is not a standard Medicaid application requirement for Green Mountain Care and Dr. Dynasaur, but it is required in certain instances. If Medicaid application forms are received, and a representative is unable to verify eligibility electronically, further proof of eligibility will be required.

For minors that need to apply for Medicaid, verification of income and household by a parent or a caretaker is also necessary. Minors that have a caretaker currently receiving Medicaid or another medical assistance program are likely eligible under a caretaker’s policy.

Once Medicaid applications are submitted online, applicants will be able to check on the processing of their paperwork via Social Security Number and login information. Forms for Medicaid application take no longer than 30 days to be processed with a decision. Check the status of an application for Medicaid at any time, but note it can take several days for an application to be updated.

Discover all of the steps you must take when applying for Medicaid by downloading our detailed guide.

Where to Apply for Medicaid in Person in Vermont

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in person? Applicants may apply for Medicaid in Vermont in person by going to any of the navigators, assisters or brokers who are designated by the state of Vermont to help individuals interact with the Health Connect systems. Navigators and brokers, as well as assistants, can be found on the official Health Connect Website.

Before visiting a navigator or broker with Medicaid application questions, be sure to download and print a Green Mountain Care application or a Dr. Dynasaur application. Navigators will help applicants complete an online Medicaid application; however, having a printed application for Medicaid can help expedite the process. Make sure to have all forms of identification and residency requirements prior to making an appointment.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Vermont by Phone

Medicaid applications in Vermont are accepted over the phone in certain circumstances. Forms for Medicaid application by phone are overseen by The Department of Vermont Health Access. Applicants that cannot access online Medicaid applications, as well as those who are immobile and cannot go to a local office, should apply for Medicaid via phone. Make sure to have all application for Medicaid required documents handy prior to making the call. That way, the Medicaid application information can be transmitted as smoothly as possible.

Applicants can sign up for Medicaid by calling 855-899-9600. The Department of Vermont Health Access is located in Waterbury, Vermont. The Medicaid application hotline is available between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.