Medicaid in Pennsylvania

We are an online resource to help answer your questions, check your eligibility and assist you in applying for Medicaid. When you receive our guide, you will also be advised about whether you qualify for additional benefit programs.

Medicaid in Pennsylvania

What is Medicaid? Pennsylvania Medicaid offers high-quality healthcare coverage for free or with low-cost premiums. In recent years, following the state’s decision to expand its program through the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid in Pennsylvania has had approximately 2.8 million enrollees, representing one of the largest coverage areas in the United States.


Medicaid in Pennsylvania is similar to the provisions of the program in other states. Medicaid is a program that provides coverage for basic health and long-term care for the elderly, people from low-income families, children, disabled and pregnant women. However, in order to obtain PA Medicaid benefits, you must first confirm your eligibility.

What is Medicaid’s qualification list in Pennsylvania? In addition to being both a U.S. citizen and a resident of PA, you must also have a Social Security Number. Moreover, since the program is based on helping low-income households, you must provide financial documentation to support the earnings of yourself and anyone else residing in your home. Get more information about Medicaid qualifications by downloading our guide.

It is also important to learn about the Pennsylvania Medicaid costs and coverage if you plan to enroll in the government-sponsored health program. In most cases, enrollees do not have to pay for essential health services such as prescription drugs, maternity services and laboratory tests, among others. However, all members of PA Medicaid are responsible for paying the cost of health care services deemed not covered under Medicaid.

When the time comes to apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania, you have several options at your disposal. Read more information on Medicaid application requirements and procedures here, and then determine your best option. Once you have filed your application for Medicaid in PA, you will be one step closer to receiving the medical coverage benefits you need.

Qualifications for Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Unsure of how to qualify for Medicaid? Your Medicaid benefits eligibility in PA is decided based on several mandatory requirements, which range from non-financial to specific income requirements for Medicaid. You must meet all of the Medicaid eligibility criteria in order to reap Medicaid benefits in Pennsylvania. READ MORE

How To Apply for Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Pennsylvania? When it comes to the PA Medicaid application process, the state has worked to ensure its residents are informed about their health insurance options and that they are covered when eligible. However, filing Medicaid application forms are up to you. That said, understanding how to apply for Medicaid can be a bit confusing, since there are so many options. READ MORE

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Medicaid coverage, also known as HealthChoices, allows eligible individuals and families to access various health care services at a low rate or for free. Individuals who have asked “How much is Medicaid?” should realize that Medicaid cost estimates are based on the applicant’s household income, in addition to the medical services sought. READ MORE