Medicaid in North Dakota

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Medicaid in North Dakota

Medicaid in North Dakota is a federal and state government program that provides free or affordable health insurance to people who are disadvantaged and cannot afford insurance from private companies. Established in 1965, Medicaid is now the single largest healthcare program worldwide in terms of people covered. For comprehensive details on Medicaid benefits, download our guide today.


Medicaid in North Dakota is managed by the Department of Human Services in the state. North Dakota is among the states that expanded their coverage to include more disadvantaged people and children. Medicaid benefited significantly from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that came into place under President Obama.

With the ACA, states had the freedom to recruit more people to the program. In addition, a new rule sought to standardize the requirements for eligibility as well as benefits. When North Dakota expanded its coverage, more than 35,000 new people became eligible immediately, resulting in as many as 90,000 people being covered in one month.

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Qualifications for Medicaid in North Dakota

Medicaid in North Dakota covers children younger than 19 years of age, low-income pregnant women and disabled workers. Medicaid benefits eligibility also applies to low-income Medicare beneficiaries who have household earnings under a certain threshold. However, asset and income limits do not interfere with the requirements for pregnant women or those enrolled in the Women’s Way program or the Adult Expansion or Children and Families Coverage groups. Download our guide to learn all about the qualifications you’ll need to meet to receive benefits. READ MORE

How to Apply for Medicaid in North Dakota

The North Dakota Medicaid application program provides blind, elderly and pregnant residents as well as those with a low income or disability free or low-cost health coverage. The Medicaid application form is available for submission in a variety of methods. Eligible petitioners can apply for Medicaid online, in person, by fax, mail and phone. In any case, there are certain applicants who need to fill out specific forms. READ MORE

Cost and Coverage of Medicaid in North Dakota

How much is Medicaid in North Dakota? North Dakota Medicaid cost estimates is a concern for many interested Medicaid applicants when applying for health care coverage. How much does Medicaid cost in North Dakota depends on different factors. Several types of Medicaid insurance in North Dakota only cover certain health care services. READ MORE