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UPDATE: For 2020, no significant changes were made to Medicaid.

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Nevada? If you do not understand how to qualify for Medicaid, you must review the standards enforced by the state. Since Medicaid benefits eligibility varies on a state-to-state basis, it is important to understand the requirements developed by Nevada, alone.

For example, if you qualify for Medicaid in Utah, it does not automatically mean you are eligible for Medicaid in Nevada, as well. That said, there are several factors that determine your Medicaid eligibility.

What are the income requirements for Medicaid in Nevada? Since Medicaid is a government-sponsored medical assistance program that provides benefits to low-earning patients in need, income requirements for Medicaid play a major role in your eligibility.

Who meets the requirements for Medicaid in Nevada?

What are the requirements for Medicaid in terms of different groups of patients in Nevada? In order to meet Medicaid eligibility requirements in NV, you must belong to a designated medical group, first.

As mentioned, how to qualify for Medicaid varies depending on the state in which you reside. The following patients can gain eligibility for Medicaid coverage in Nevada:

  • Low-income adults and children
  • Children under 19 through Nevada Check Up
  • Non-citizens in need of emergency medical assistance
  • Pregnant women
  • Newborns that reside with their mothers in Nevada
  • Parents or caretaker relatives
  • Previously fostered adults ages 18 to 26
  • Uninsured or underinsured women under 65 who need treatments related to cervical cancer and breast cancer
  • Certain child welfare cases involving children who need partial or full financial assistance from a public agency

Additional Medicaid eligibility groups include the elderly, the blind, the disabled and the working disabled, along with several types of eligible Medicare beneficiaries.

What Are the Nevada Medicaid Requirements?

What are the Medicaid application guidelines when it comes to non-financial eligibility? Like all other states, Nevada employs a list of Medicaid requirements unrelated to the income of your household.

If you do not have proof of your lawful presence in the United States, you may still be eligible for health coverage. In Nevada, illegal non-citizens may qualify for emergency medical assistance on a month-to-month basis, depending on the circumstances.

Next, in order to be eligible for Medicaid in Nevada, you must be able to prove your residency. You cannot attain Medicaid benefits eligibility if you relocate outside of Nevada. Your Medicaid benefits do not transfer over from one state to another. Have handy proof of your residence in Nevada for Medicaid eligibility purposes. Generally, your DMV driver’s license or your valid state ID card will support that you reside within state lines.

You also need to have a registered Social Security Number to remain eligible for Medicaid. In fact, all government-sponsored programs statewide require this federal identification number. So, whether you want to qualify for Medicaid, for food stamps or for cash assistance, you need to have your Social Security Number accessible.

There are also requirements for Medicaid patients who are disabled, former foster children or beneficiaries of Medicare. Have paperwork nearby to support these instances if they apply, so you can confirm you are eligible for Medicaid benefits in a timely manner. Learn more about Medicaid requirements by downloading our comprehensive guide.

What Are the Income Requirements for Medicaid in Nevada?

What are the income requirements for Medicaid in Nevada? Now that you have reviewed the other Medicaid eligibility factors, your financial status is the last remaining factor. Medicaid income requirements are determined by the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) system, and take into account the total earnings of your household, depending on its size.

As a child or a low-income adult, you qualify for Medicaid in NV if the income of your home is no more than 138 percent of the federal poverty level. In addition, Medicaid Check Up is available to children under the age of 19 whose household incomes total no more than 205 percent of the federal poverty level.

Pregnant women are eligible for Medicaid in Nevada if incomes only total up to 165 percent of the federal poverty level, and no more. Adults who are between the ages of 19 and 64 that qualify for Medicaid eligibility in all other realms may not earn more than 138 of the federal poverty level to enroll in NV Medicaid.

Those who receive SSI and/or RSDI, disabled adults, widows and widowers recognized through public law, the aged, the blind and those receiving nursing, in-home or community-based care and assisted living services have income requirements based on other benefits, as well as strict resource limits up to $2,000 in order to meet Medicaid eligibility in Nevada.

The following groups qualify for Medicaid in Nevada regardless of income: adults formerly in foster care, women with cervical cancer or breast cancer and children who depend on the financial assistance of a public agency.

How to Use the Nevada Medicaid Pre-screening Tool

What are the Medicaid application guidelines for online Medicaid eligibility in Nevada? You can determine if you are eligible for Medicaid quickly, thanks to Access Nevada. There is a pre-screening tool available that can help you understand the requirements to be eligible for Medicaid in just a matter of minutes.

Simply answer the questions related to Medicaid requirements, and soon after, the test will generate an accurate response regarding your available Medicaid benefits. Keep in mind that the pre-screening Medicaid benefits eligibility tool is unrelated to the NV Medicaid application process.

As you prepare to find out if you qualify for Medicaid, gather the details that relate to the following:

  • The number of members residing in your home, including a spouse or a dependent you may claim on your tax return
  • The ages of any children living in your household under 6 years old, as well as those between ages 6 and 19
  • If anyone is currently pregnant in your household
  • If anyone receives Supplemental Security Income
  • Whether or not anyone in your home is 65 and older, and also qualifies or already receives Medicare benefits
  • Your expectant income for the upcoming year, which is the gross income of all members residing in your current household

If you qualify for Medicaid based on the web results from the above tool, you will then be directed to the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services’ Division of Welfare and Supportive Services. Once there, you will be prompted to create an Access Nevada account to begin your Medicaid application. Explore the different Medicaid requirements by downloading our informative guide.