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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: Medicaid care in 2020 will take into account the same requirements and application steps as it did in recent years.

Potential Medicaid recipients can apply for Medicaid in Nevada using several different methods. Complete a Medicaid application in one of its many forms to begin the process of obtaining free or low-cost healthcare services. If an applicant learns how to apply for Medicaid properly the first time, his or her Medicaid application forms will avoid delays in the process.

Nevada Medicaid covers basic medical treatment, supplies, and services deemed medically necessary by the member’s treating physician, and the caseworker who oversees the process to sign up for Medicaid. Medical services and items covered by Nevada Sign up for Medicaid to start receiving these services in NV.

An approved application for Medicaid can grant access to coverage in the form of occupational therapy services, orthotics, prosthetics, over-the-counter drugs with a prescription, doctor visits, and personal care services. Many people choose to apply for Medicaid in NV to receive emergency room, physical therapy services, eye exams, eyeglasses and preventive screenings.

While the pool of people who are eligible to apply for Medicaid may be broad, not everyone will qualify to receive Medicaid benefits in NV. Saved time and gain knowledge about the Medicaid application process with the following information:

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Nevada

If you would like to apply for Nevada Medicaid on the web, applicants can access the state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website. Conversely, applicants can browse the federal government’s healthcare website to apply for Medicaid online.

If a petitioner has any questions when attempting to complete the Nevada Medicaid application, do not hesitate to reach out to the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services (DWSS) for assistance with Medicaid application forms. Discover all of the steps you must take when applying for Medicaid by downloading our detailed guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid by Mail in Nevada

Potential beneficiaries can apply for Medicaid by mail, though it will take longer for the Medicaid application to be processed, compared to the online version. Although enrollment will not be as instant, the process is straightforward. Download, print and fill out a Nevada Medicaid application from the internet and mail it to your local Nevada Medicaid processing center.

How to Send Medicaid Application Forms by Fax in Nevada

If you prefer to apply by fax, check with your local Nevada Medicaid processing center to verify if they will accept a faxed Medicaid application. A cover sheet must be included and sent to the faxed correspondence because submissions without cover sheets are often considered to be illegal.

Where do You Sign Up for Medicaid in Person in Nevada?

Applicants who know where to apply for Medicaid can pick up a Nevada Medicaid application in person at their local Medicaid processing center. Moreover, a candidate can fill it out and submit the form in person.

Additionally, petitioners can download the NV Medicaid application forms from the internet, print them, fill them out and return them to a local Medicaid office in person. While at the local office, applicants should take the opportunity to ask the Medicaid office workers any questions about the process.

How to Complete an Over-the-phone Medicaid Application in NV

It is possible to complete a Medicaid application over the phone. Various helplines are available, with the majority being toll-free. There is also an Elder Care Help Line set up by the Nevada Division of Aging, which is meant to help senior citizens in their quest to complete an application for Medicaid.

What Are the Financial Eligibility Requirements to Sign Up for Medicaid in NV?

The Nevada Medicaid application is available to those living in households that have an annual income up to (but no greater than) 138 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). Pregnant women are eligible for Medicaid coverage if their income is up to (but not greater than) 160 percent of the FPL.

Children who reside in a home with accumulative earnings up to 133 or 160 percent of the FPL qualify to sign up for Medicaid in Nevada. The exact percentage of income in relation to the FPL depends on the child’s age when he or she completes the application.

Furthermore, a household that has more than eight individuals will have an extra $5,533 added for each additional person in the household. Download our in-depth guide to learn more about how to apply for Medicaid.

What Are the Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements for Medicaid in Nevada?

How does one meet Medicaid’s non-financial guidelines? First of all, the applicant must be a resident of the state of Nevada. The length of his or her Nevada residency does not matter. The petitioner must also be a United States national, citizen or legal alien who is in need of healthcare. Examples of identity and citizenship proof are detailed below.

What do I Need to Prove with a Medicaid Application in Nevada?

Nevada Medicaid covers the cost of out-of-state medical care if the provider of care is willing to participate and bill directly to the program. Since Medicaid application forms in NV are open to those with low income, pregnant, disabled, elderly (65 years of age and older) and blind, members do not have to pay for medical treatment, supplies or equipment.

To begin benefiting from services, applicants will need to have the following documents handy for Medicaid applications:

  • Income – Accepted documents to sign up for Medicaid coverage in NV include pay stubs from the last eight weeks, support payments, business books (for self-employed beneficiaries), income tax returns, and photocopies of any received benefits.
  • Resources – Accepted documents for NV Medicaid application forms include bank books from the last five years, mutual fund statements, stockbroker statements and statements of annuities.
  • Identity – Accepted documents for a Medicaid in Nevada application include marriage/death certificates, Military discharge papers, driver’s license, Social Security card, and birth certificate.
  • Residency/Living Arrangement – Accepted documents for a NV Medicaid application include your most current utility bills, two letters of residence, mortgage statement, and rent/lease receipt.