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UPDATE: For the year 2020, Medicaid plans will follow the same requirements and application methods.

Medicaid benefits eligibility is made available to qualifying Mississippi residents in need of low-cost medical services. Medicaid eligibility requirements depend on several important factors, including household size and income restrictions, U.S. citizenship status, minimum age restrictions as well as other factors.

Medicaid benefits eligibility is only available to Mississippi residents who meet these crucial qualifications. Applicants eligible for Medicaid may register for Medicaid insurance through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

To learn about how to qualify for Medicaid in Mississippi, applicants must consider a variety of important factors. Medicaid recipients must reside in the state of Mississippi, be U.S. national citizens, legal aliens, or permanent resident of the U.S.

Additional MS Medicaid eligibility requirements pertain to low-earning patients. Applicants must have a need for Medicaid benefits and must be categorized as low-income or very low-income.

Who meets the requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi?

To determine who is eligible for Medicaid in Mississippi, several factors must be considered. Qualified applicants meeting Medicaid benefits eligibility may be able to receive full Medicaid benefits, reduced Medicaid coverage, or limited benefits.

Limited Medicaid benefits provide full coverage but come along with certain service limits.

Full MS Medicaid eligibility requirements pertain to the following groups of people, if they meet income limits and other various qualifications: infants and children (up to 19); uninsured children (up to 19); low-income parents or caretakers (with children under 18 in the home); pregnant women; disabled children; working disabled adults and aged, blind, or disabled adults 65 and older (applicants younger than 65 must be disabled or blind) to qualify for Medicaid.

Additional Medicaid benefits eligibility requirements pertain to long-term care for aged, blind, or disabled adults who reside in nursing homes or homes with a Community-Based Services Waiver. Mississippi Medicaid benefits eligibility may also apply to undocumented immigrants who would otherwise not qualify for Medicaid.

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What Are the Income Requirements for Medicaid in Mississippi?

Medicaid income requirements in Mississippi are necessary for candidates to meet since low-earned income is the main reason they cannot afford healthcare on their very own. In Mississippi, financial requirements for Medicaid are decided through the Modified Adjusted Gross Income calculator.

This system surveys Medicaid benefits eligibility by comparing household size to household income while taking into account the current Federal Poverty Levels (FPLs). However, Medicaid income requirements vary depending on the specific age and situation of each beneficiary.

Generally, Medicaid eligibility requirements require households to earn less than the following amounts annually: households of one may not exceed $15,800 annually; households of two may not exceed $21,307; households of three may not exceed $26,813; households of four may not exceed $32,319; households of five may not exceed $37,825; households of six may not exceed $43,331; households of seven may not exceed $48,851 and households of eight may not exceed $54,384.

MS Medicaid benefits eligibility depends on several other factors as well. Beneficiaries enrolling in Medicaid for infants (from birth to age one) are eligible to receive benefits if the household income does not exceed 194 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.

MS Medicaid benefits eligibility for children (ages one to six) require the household to be below 143 percent of the FPL. Households with children (ages six to 19) must not exceed 133 percent of the FPL.

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Medicaid benefits eligibility for parents and caretakers with dependent children (under age 18) requires households to earn less than $775 monthly (for a household of eight) but more than $227 monthly (for a household of one). Pregnant women meeting Medicaid eligibility requirements or petitioners applying for the Family Planning Waiver must not exceed 195 percent of the FPL.

Medicaid eligibility requirements also apply to uninsured children or families interested in applying for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). These households must not exceed 209 percent of the FPL.

What Are the Medicaid Application Guidelines in Mississippi?

Applicants who meet Medicaid eligibility requirements may apply for Medicaid insurance coverage in a few different ways. Applicants meeting MS Medicaid benefits eligibility and who have Internet access may apply online through the Mississippi Division of Medicaid.

There is only one application available for all insurance affordability programs in Mississippi. Medicaid benefits eligibility applications may also be printed and mailed, faxed or emailed to the Office of Eligibility at the Division of Medicaid. Emailed applications must be sent as an attachment.

Before filling out the Medicaid benefits eligibility form, several pieces of information must be readily accessible. Needed information includes the following: Social Security Numbers or document numbers for legal immigrants; the dates of birth for each Medicaid applicant; income and employer information for each person in the family who earns an income; policy numbers from any current health insurance coverage and any information about job-related health insurance options available to the applicant and the applicant’s family.

Medicaid benefits eligibility may also be determined in-person at a local Mississippi Division of Medicaid office. Applicants may also contact Medicaid’s Office of Eligibility by telephone to request a printed form by mail to complete the application process through this method.