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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: In 2020, Medicaid insurance rules and application steps have not been significantly modified.

“Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” is a question asked all too often by new recipients, so let us clear up any misunderstanding on the subject of where to apply for Medicaid and how to submit an application.

Mississippi Medicaid application forms, once successfully submitted, enable the state’s poorest residents to gain low-cost or free healthcare. Typically, people who apply for Medicaid will be blind and elderly.

Therefore, members who understand how to apply for Medicaid in MS do not have to pay out-of-pocket for Medicaid treatment, supplies or equipment. These needy individuals do not have the financial resources to pay for healthcare coverage and so, they will apply for Medicaid online, or with one of the methods to sign up for Medicaid described below.

A question that must be answered ahead of an application for Medicaid in MS being submitted is, “What happens after I know where to apply for Medicaid?”

When Mississippi Medicaid application forms are approved, the recipient can benefit from basic healthcare treatment, supplies and any equipment that is deemed medically necessary, according to personal circumstances at the time of a Medicaid application being sent.

Applicants must understand that knowing where to apply for Medicaid does not mean that the program will fund medical services, supplies or treatment for the recipient’s family or friends. The Mississippi Medicaid application terms and conditions state that Medicaid coverage options do not include the cost of any sort of cosmetic treatment applied to enhance aesthetic appeal.

An application for Medicaid in MS does, however, ease financial strain for those recipients who apply for Medicaid online (or offline) and meet the Mississippi Medicaid eligibility standards.

Being well-versed on the topic of how to apply for Medicaid in Mississippi will ensure application are dealt with smoothly, so read on:

Where Can You Apply for Medicaid in Mississippi Online?

If you would like to apply for Medicaid online, fill out the Mississippi Division of Medicaid application for all insurance affordability programs. You can find this online Medicaid application at the state’s Division of Medicaid website, or the Federal government’s healthcare website.

You can apply for MS Medicaid on the Internet by following the appropriate steps and clicking “submit”. Alternatively, apply for Medicaid in Mississippi by saving it as a PDF document to your computer and sending it as an e-mail attachment.

Saving the PDF forms for Medicaid application to your computer and e-mailing Medicaid application forms as an attachment will likely be necessary if you are using a web browser aside from Internet Explorer. In order to complete the MS Medicaid application forms, you will need your Social Security number, date of birth, employer and income information for each household member.

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Additional information required on Medicaid application forms includes the policy number of your current health insurance and details regarding job-related health insurance that is available to people who live in the household when you are filling out an online Medicaid application.

Photocopies of documents that provide proof of income, residency, living arrangements and resources must be included with an online Medicaid application, and the same applies to the other methods to apply for Medicaid.

How to Apply for Mississippi Medicaid by Mail

Anyone who is wondering, “Where can I apply for Medicaid by mail?” must be aware of the mailing method to apply for Mississippi Medicaid.

You can mail your completed Mississippi Medicaid application to the Medicaid regional office that serves the county in which you reside. Or, you can send your completed MS Medicaid application to the state’s Division of Medicaid.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Mississippi by Fax

The Mississippi Medicaid application forms can be printed directly from the web, fill it out and fax it to the Office of Eligibility at the Division of Medicaid. Access to preventive, medical and rehabilitative services depends on the information contained in the fax when you apply for Medicaid, so make sure the details you provide on Medicaid applications are accurate.

Where do You Sign Up for Medicaid in Mississippi in Person?

If you prefer to apply for Mississippi Medicaid in person, fill out a Medicaid application at the regional office that provides service to your country of residence. This is a good opportunity to contact your state with any questions pertaining to Medicaid application forms in MS.

How to Use the Phone to Complete a Mississippi Medicaid Application

Some people do not have access to a printer, leaving them to ask the question, “Can I apply for Medicaid in MS?” The truth is that even if you do not have a means of transportation to reach the Medicaid regional office in your county, it is also possible to have paper Mississippi Medicaid application forms mailed to you through the USPS.

Call your Medicaid regional office to request the mailing of MS Medicaid application forms. Or, call the Office of Eligibility to have Medicaid applications mailed to your personal address.

Where to Apply for MS Medicaid if Financial Requirements are Met

Parents with dependent children are eligible for Mississippi Medicaid if their cumulative household income is up to (but not in excess) of 22 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL). Children under the age of one can sign up for Medicaid in MS if they reside in a household with an income up to (but not in excess of) 194 percent of the FPL.

Children between the ages of one and five in the state of Mississippi can discover how to apply for Medicaid in MS if they reside in a household with an income up to (but no greater than) 143 percent of the FPL. Children between the ages of six and 18 qualify for Medicaid application forms if they reside in a household with an income up to (but no greater than) 133 percent of the FPL.

Pregnant women in the state of Mississippi will not be confused about where to apply for MS Medicaid if they reside in a household with a combined income up to (but not in excess of) 194 percent of the FPL. Adults who reside in the state of Mississippi who do not have dependent children are not likely to succeed in submitting a Medicaid application in MS, unless they are disabled, blind or elderly.

What Are the Non-Financial Eligibility Requirements on Mississippi Medicaid Application Forms?

In order to apply for Medicaid online or offline and be approved for coverage, the applicant must be a resident of the United States. He must be a United States citizen, national or legal alien.

The applicant of Medicaid applications must also be a resident of the state of Mississippi. The length of his Mississippi residency does not matter.

An in-person interview might be required for those who are blind, disabled or considered elderly and apply for MS Medicaid. If your regional office contacts you to schedule such an interview, it is prudent to comply with the interview request, so as to boost the possibility of having your application for Medicaid in Mississippi approved.

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