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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: Medicaid care in 2020 will take into account the same requirements and application steps as it did in recent years.

The Minnesota Medicaid program is for people with low income and is known as Medical Assistance (MA). Low income residents of Minnesota who meet Medicaid eligibility requirements get health care through various health plan providers serving different counties.

Minnesota residents that do not get health care through a health plan receive care on a fee-to-service basis. With this option, the health plan providers bill the state directly for the services they offer.

Medical Assistance (MA) is Minnesota’s largest Medicaid health care program. The program serves pregnant women, children, adults that do not have children, families, the elderly, the blind and residents with disabilities.

Are curious about where to apply for Medicaid? Or are you interested in reviewing the Medicaid application form before attempting to apply?

The application process for Medicaid in Minnesota varies depending on the category that an applicant falls under. Below is an overview of the application process.

Review the details provided in the sections below:

How to Submit a Minnesota Medicaid Application for Children and Adults Without Children

The information below applies to adults and families with children seeking Medicaid coverage options. Adults should be below 65 years, have no disability and have no children under 18 years of age living with them.

  • Apply for Medicaid online through Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, MNsure.
  • Fill out and return the MNsure paper application DHS-6696
  • For family planning services, apply online through ApplyMN.

People with disabilities and those over 65 years of age should not apply through ApplyMN and MNsure.

Children in Foster Care

Applying for Minnesota Medicaid for children in foster care is done by completing the Minnesota Health Care Programs Application for Certain Populations DHS-3876. After completing the document, deliver or mail it to your tribal or county office.

You can also request the document from your county or tribal office or ask for one to be mailed to you. Discover all of the steps you must take when applying for Medicaid by downloading our detailed guide.

How to Submit a Minnesota Medicaid Application for Seniors

Minnesota seniors (those over 65 years) can apply for MA using a paper Medicaid application form. After filling out the application, it should be taken or mailed to the tribal or county office.

Seniors that need help paying for a long-term care facility, for example, a nursing home, should apply online through ApplyMN instead of using a paper application. Applicants can:

  • Call or go to their tribal or county office in person to apply
  • Print and fill out a paper Medicaid application form

How to Submit a Minnesota Medicaid Application for People With Disabilities

The information below is for Minnesota residents that are below 65 years of age and have a disability

Applicants Who Must Use a Paper Application

Some residents are not allowed to apply for Medicaid online through ApplyMN or MNsure. Where do you sign up for Medicaid?

Applicants who cannot apply online are required to submit a Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) paper application through their local tribal or county office. A paper application is only allowed if everyone in the family meets one of the following:

  • The Medicaid application is meant to help pay for home or community-based service
  • The applicant is an Employed Person with Disabilities (MA-EPD)
  • The applicant is between 21 and 64 years and has neither Medicaid coverage nor dependents.
  • The applicant receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • The application is a request for help with Medicare costs
  • The application is for a child in foster care

Applicants can:

  • Call or go to their tribal or county office in person to apply
  • Print and fill out a paper application form

Applicants Who Can Apply Using a Paper Application or Online

For those who do not fall into the categories above, the Medicaid application form can be completed online using ApplyMN or MNsure.

  • Apply online through Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace, MNsure.
  • Fill out and return the MNsure paper application DHS-6696.
  • Apply online through ApplyMN for help paying for care in a long-term facility, for example, a nursing home. Alternatively, apply on paper using the MHCP Application for Payment of Long-Term-Care Services DHS-3531.

How to Get Medicaid Application Form Assistance in Minnesota

If you have trouble with the Minnesota Medicaid application process, can ask for help from MNsure navigators and county workers. These professionals have received specific training on completing and submitting Minnesota Medicaid applications.

  1. MNsure Navigators: MNsure has partnered with a number of trusted organizations across Minnesota. The employees of these organizations, known as navigators, are trained to provide face-to-face help with Medicaid applications. MNsure navigators can help residents apply for MinnesotaCare, Medical Assistance or a qualified health plan (with or without cost-sharing and premium tax reductions.). You can call MNsure or use the MNsure navigator online finder to find a navigator in your area.
  2. County Workers: There is a local human services office in each county with workers that help residents fill out and submit MN Medicaid applications. These workers are trained and have information about Medical Assistance. If you have questions about other available health programs, they can direct you to someone that can help. Below is an overview of how MNsure navigators and county workers can help you with your Medicaid application. Navigators Can:
    • Provide a paper application upon your request
    • Help you complete a paper or online application when you ask for help
    • Accept your paper application and submit it for processing to the correct agency on your behalf

    MNsure navigators cannot submit your paper application if they did not help you apply. If you applied on your own, you will have to submit it on your own. County Workers Can:

    • Provide a paper Medicaid application upon your request
    • Advise you on the correct paper application to fill out depending on your health care needs
    • Direct you to how you can access a computer to apply for Minnesota Medicaid online. In some county offices, computers may be available for use by the public.
    • Applicants can also be referred to various locations where they can use a computer.
    • Help you fill out a paper or online Medicaid application when you need help
    • Accept your completed paper application regardless of the programs you are eligible for or the county you live in.

To learn more about the application process for Medicaid, download our comprehensive guide.