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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: For the year 2020, Medicaid plans will follow the same requirements and application methods.

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Michigan, exactly? Michigan Medicaid, also known as the Healthy Michigan Plan, currently covers more than 600,000 patients statewide.

Understanding where and how to apply for Medicaid in Michigan are your first steps toward enrollment. And, thanks to technological advances, there are several ways to apply for Medicaid for your convenience.

To learn more about the Michigan Medicaid application process, continue to the sections below, which outlines:

What Are the Michigan Medicaid Application Requirements?

Before starting the Michigan Medicaid application process, there are certain informational items you should gather. There are fields on your forms for Medicaid applications that are required, and you cannot submit your paperwork without these details included.

If you do, you may face a delay in processing or even possible rejection. Therefore, make sure to compile the required documents asked of your prior, so you can get through the MI Medicaid application procedures with ease.

There are several requirements you must meet before you sign up for Medicaid. To apply for Medicaid in Michigan, you will need the following:

  • income statements in the form of tax forms or paystubs,
  • your Social Security Number, proof of U.S. citizenship or legal status in the U.S.,
  • proof of Michigan residency,
  • current health insurance information, if applicable information – including all of the above – for other members in your household. Once you have compiled all of the above, you can proceed with one of the below methods to apply for Medicaid successfully in Michigan.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Michigan

Your Michigan online Medicaid application can be completed on the state’s healthcare website. At the website, residents that meet Michigan Medicaid eligibility requirements can apply for medical assistance, food, and child development services. The online Medicaid application only takes a few minutes to complete.

When the time comes to file Medicaid application forms, the Michigan Medicaid website can be viewed in English, Arabic, and Spanish. To start your forms for Medicaid application, you will have to register at the website portal and then log in by inputting your user ID and password.

If you have not previously applied for Medicaid, click on “Apply for Benefits.” This will prompt you to create a new account.

Below are step-by-step instructions that will take you through the process of how to apply for Michigan Medicaid online:

  1. Before starting the application process, you will need an account on the Michigan Medicaid website. Creating an account is free. Click the “Create an Account” button to proceed.
  2. On the page that follows, indicate your name and choose a User ID and password.
  3. The next step is to choose secret questions and answers. Take note of your answers as they will be required if you forget your password.
  4. Finally, click on “Create an Account.” With this done, you will have created your Michigan Bridges account
  5. To apply for Medicaid in Michigan, log into the web portal using the user ID and password.
  6. Click the login link to continue.
  7. When logging in, you will be taken to the application page. Read all the requirements and click “Next” to start the application process.
  8. Follow the instructions in the application pages and submit the form online.

To learn more about the application process for Medicaid, download our comprehensive guide.

How to Submit an Application for Medicaid by Phone

If you cannot file an online Medicaid application, there is another option to elect from the comfort of your home. You can apply for Medicaid in Michigan by phone if you so choose.

Get Medicaid application assistance by calling 855-789-5610. A trained state Medicaid representative will assist you with your Medicaid application forms.

Remember, prior to calling, be sure to have your required documents on hand, so the process is as efficient as possible.

If you do not want to have a trained worker physically fill out your MI Medicaid application on your behalf, you can also call in with questions. You can complete your application for Medicaid by hand and in your home, with the help of a Medicaid worker on the phone with you as you go.

If you elect to fill out the forms for Medicaid applications on your own, but with phone assistance, be sure to ask the representative the best way to submit your paperwork once complete. He or she will give you instructions on how to mail in, fax or drop off your Medicaid application, depending on your situation.

Where to Apply for Medicaid in Person

Where do you sign up for Medicaid in person? To apply for Medicaid at a physical location, visit your local Department of Human Services office.

The Michigan Medicaid application process involves completing various forms with your personal information, as well as the information for other family members signing up for the Medicaid coverage option.

So, prior to going into your local office, be sure to gather all of the required documents for your family, as well as yourself. That way, you can ensure the most efficient transmission of information, and submit your MI application for Medicaid in no time at all.

Discover all of the steps you must take when applying for Medicaid by downloading our detailed guide.