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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: Obtaining Medicaid care in 2020 will require applicants to meet most of the same requirements and undergo the same process described below.

Applicants interested in learning how to apply for Medicaid in Louisiana may be relieved to know that there are many options in terms of application submission methods. The LA Medicaid application may be completed by phone, in person, by mail, or online. These options are available to ensure that all petitioners have fair access to the application, regardless of schedule or disability.

If free or low-cost health insurance is needed, completing a Medicaid application in Louisiana may be worthwhile for many individuals. In the past, many petitioners who were eligible for Medicaid by every measure have been disqualified during the Medicaid application process because they already had health issues prior to applying. Individuals with preexisting conditions had been shut out of Medicaid because of the high costs of covering the health expenses for such individuals.

The state of Louisiana has expanded the Medicaid eligibility requirements to be more inclusive of individuals in dire need of health care, but do not have the means to afford it. Thousands of Louisiana residents with chronic illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease are now covered by Medicaid.

Over a quarter million Medicaid application forms are expected to be submitted now that coverage has been expanded. As a result, filling out a Medicaid application even if the applicant is unsure about meeting the Louisiana eligibility requirements may prove to be beneficial.

In terms of where to apply for Medicaid in Louisiana, the petitioner has the option of completing the LA Medicaid application form online, by phone, or in person. Petitioners are often encouraged to apply for Medicaid online in Louisiana because the user will have 24/7 access to the application and are able to review the status of the application at home.

Petitioners who are not adept at using computers or do not have an adequate internet connection may want to opt for appearing in person at a Louisiana Medicaid office to complete the application on the spot. Completing the Medicaid application by phone or by mail does not require the applicant to go to a Louisiana Medicaid office.

Generally, this is a great alternative for individuals who do not have reliable transportation. This section on where to apply for Medicaid in LA will cover topics on:

What Do You Need to Complete the Medicaid Application in Louisiana?

If you have asked “Where do you sign up for Medicaid in Louisiana?” take the time to gather the information needed to complete the Medicaid application to save time and frustration.

The Medicaid application form will ask for general information pertaining to the petitioner’s identity and annual household income. Before beginning the Louisiana Medicaid application, please have the following materials or information ready:

  • Driver’s license, state-issued ID or birth certificate
  • Social Security Number or Alien Registration Number
  • Proof of Louisiana residency (mail received at the petitioner’s address with his or her name on it, a copy of mortgage, a copy of a leasing agreement, etc.)
  • Income information (including assets, benefits received, salary, and other sources of income)
  • If applicable, the policy number for any health insurance coverage the petitioner may have prior to applying for Medicaid
  • If applicable, proof of disability (medical documentation, Supplementary Security Income, etc.)

Every year, thousands of Medicaid applications from all states are denied because the application is incomplete. In many cases, the applicant may have been eligible for Medicaid health coverage, but did not provide enough information to determine eligibility.

Before submitting the Medicaid application form, be sure to check twice that every question on the application is completed. To learn more about the application process for Medicaid, download our comprehensive guide.

How to Apply for Medicaid by Phone in Louisiana

Instead of filling out a Medicaid application form, some petitioners may prefer to complete the application verbally. The Iowa Medicaid application form may be done by phone by calling the Iowa Department of Human Services application hotline. The application hotline will connect the petitioner to a customer service representative who will assist with the completion of the application.

How to Apply for Medicaid in Person in Louisiana

Completing the LA Medicaid application in person is a good option for prospective petitioners without a stable internet connection. In terms of where to apply for Medicaid in-person, there are several conveniently located Medicaid offices in Louisiana. Medicaid application forms may be found for free at any LA Medicaid office or online at the Louisiana Department of Health official site.

The Medicaid application form may be obtained at the Medicaid office, though the Medicaid application may also be found online. Instead of taking time to fill out an application at the office, petitioners with tight schedules have the option of printing out the online Medicaid application and dropping off the completed form at the nearest Louisiana Medicaid office.

How to Apply for Medicaid by Mail in Louisiana

When applying for Medicaid by mail, the LA Medicaid application form may be accessed online or picked up at a Medicaid office. When the Medicaid application is completed, the form may be mailed to the Louisiana Department of Health headquarters. Once the application has been submitted and a decision is made, the petitioner will receive a letter in the mail about the predetermination.

How to Apply for Medicaid Online in Louisiana

It is typically recommended that a petitioner apply for Medicaid online in Louisiana because it allows ease of access and provides a wealth of information about Medicaid coverage, eligibility, and the status of the application. If a petitioner wishes to apply for Medicaid online, he or she may access the online Louisiana Medicaid application form at the official website of the Louisiana Department of Health.

The applicant must create a username and password to be able to log in and access the application. Once the login information is created, the applicant will have access to many Medicaid resources, including information on how to apply to other financial assistance programs in Louisiana. Discover all of the steps you must take when applying for Medicaid by downloading our detailed guide.