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Learn How To Apply For Medicaid With Our Guide

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UPDATE: In 2020, Medicaid will have most of the same requirements and application steps detailed below.

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Arkansas? Applicants must meet Medicaid benefits eligibility standards first in order to apply for Medicaid benefits. When learning how to qualify for Medicaid, conditions a composed of two types of Medicaid eligibility requirements.

First, candidates must meet the general requirements for Medicaid, which include mandatory items determined by the state. The next step is to ensure that all interested beneficiaries meet the income requirements for Medicaid.

What groups can get Medicaid in Arkansas?

In order to qualify for Medicaid, potential applicants must first confirm that they belong to one of the designated patient groups determined by the Arkansas Department of Human Services. Since Medicaid benefits eligibility is decided on a state-by-state basis, it is important to review the allowances of those eligible for Medicaid in AR, specifically prior to enrolling.

Without confirming Medicaid eligibility, applicants run the risk of a delay in receiving Medicaid benefits, or worse, getting the application denied. What are the Medicaid application guidelines regarding patients eligible for Medicaid? The below list encompasses patients who qualify for Medicaid in the state of Arkansas:

  • Children younger than 19 years of age – So long as households meet income requirements, 19-year-old patients in need of Medicaid benefits can apply for ARKids First – Arkansas’s child-based medical assistance program.
  • Parents and caretaker relatives of children under age 18 – Full Medicaid eligibility is granted to individuals under these circumstances that meet household income requirements.
  • Pregnant women – Women who are deemed economically in-need and not in-need can qualify for Medicaid in Arkansas. Needy women can apply for full Medicaid coverage, while those deemed not needy must meet medical requirements for Medicaid as well as Medicaid income requirements in order to gain any AR Medicaid benefits.
  • Patients aged 65 and older – Medicaid qualifications state that both income and resource limits must be met in order to be fully eligible for Medicaid benefits. In addition, the ElderChoices program covers elderly patients who choose to stay at home, but would otherwise need the care of a nursing facility.
  • Patients who are blind or are disabled – Medicaid eligibility is actually determined through standards set forth by the Social Security Administration in Arkansas for those that are blind or disabled. Income and resource limits must be met to complete the requirements for Medicaid. Additionally, Alternatives for Adults with Physical Disabilities covers patients between the ages of 21 and 65 who choose to live at home instead of in a nursing facility. Furthermore, DDS Alternative Community Services handles developmentally disabled patients who live at home instead of inside of a nursing facility. And finally, Working Disabled provides Medicaid benefits to the working patients who are disabled but may require medical-related co-pays.
  • Beneficiaries of the Medicare Savings Program – Those who need financial assistance with Medicare-related expenses may be eligible for Medicaid in limited quantities. Incomes and Medicare expenses come into account when determining if this group qualifies for Medicaid benefits in Arkansas or not.
  • Long-term care patients – So long as income and resource requirements for Medicaid are met, patients under the care of nursing facilities can qualify for Medicaid in AR. Keep in mind, Medicaid eligibility is granted only if the facility at which a patient resides is considered medically necessary by the state.

What are the requirements for Medicaid in Arkansas?

The rules on how to qualify for Medicaid are specific to the state. Although some Medicaid qualifications may overlap from one state to another, candidates must ensure that they meet the general scope of Medicaid eligibility requirements in Arkansas in order to become beneficiaries. Explore the different Medicaid requirements by downloading our informative guide.

More specifically, to meet Medicaid benefits eligibility in Arkansas, future applicants must meet all of the mandatory requirements for Medicaid. These include:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship – Potential beneficiaries must be able to prove United States citizenship through applicable documents. If applicants are not qualified U.S. citizens, they must be prepared to present papers confirming their legal presence in the country to meet Medicaid qualifications.
  • Proof of residency in the state of Arkansas – To receive Medicaid eligibility in AR, candidates must be able to prove that they actually reside within the state borders. Typically, a form of official identification – such as an Arkansas driver’s license or a state-issued ID card can achieve proof of residence in AR.
  • Proof of registered Social Security Number – Applicants must be able to provide a valid Social Security Number assigned by the Social Security Administration to be eligible for Medicaid benefits. Social Security Numbers are used to track a beneficiary’s Medicaid allotment.

What are the Income Requirements for Medicaid in Arkansas?

Medicaid income requirements in Arkansas are necessary in order to receive Medicaid benefits. The income requirements for Medicaid are determined through the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) calculator in Arkansas and in many other U.S. states.

Through the MAGI system, financial requirements for Medicaid are configured by comparing incomes to household sizes, in relation to the current Federal Poverty Levels (FPL). What are the Medicaid application guidelines for candidates in terms of household income? Review the Medicaid requirements for income in Arkansas set by the MAGI chart:

  • ARKids A patients: 142 percent of the FPL
  • ARKids B patients: 211 percent of the FPL
  • Limited Pregnant Women: 209 percent of the FPL
  • Arkansas Works: 133 percent of the FPL
  • Social Security Income patients and Disabled Adult Children: $735 per month
  • Long-Term Care patients: $2,205 per month
  • Medicare Savings Beneficiaries: $792 per month
  • Full Pregnant Women: $220 monthly in a household of two
  • Parent/Caretaker Relatives: $124 monthly for a single-member household
  • Former Foster Care Children: No income limit

Learn more about Medicaid requirements by downloading our comprehensive guide.