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UPDATE: In 2020, the rules and steps related to applying for Medicaid are expected to remain the same.

The aim of Arkansas Medicaid coverage is to improve quality of life for everyone who resides in the state, from the old and young to the disabled and mentally ill. Thanks to the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS), a better quality of life is being enjoyed by thousands of state residents who have enrolled in Medicaid services.

Not only are Medicaid enrollees able to take advantage of accessible types of Medicaid insurance but also, they are guaranteed to be treated with respect, integrity and trust. These core values promote enhanced overall health and encourage the belief that every person matters and deserves access to quality Medicaid types of insurance.

Children, blind, elderly, disabled people living in Arkansas can benefit from the Arkansas Medicaid coverage administered through the state’s system. The aim is to reduce the cost of necessary Medicaid services and to help families become or remain independent. However, to enroll in a medical assistance program like Medicaid coverage in AR, the applicant must meet certain eligibility criteria, much of which is dependent on income and assets.

Everyone’s situation is different and therefore Medicaid cost estimates will vary per enrollee. While some people will receive full AR Medicaid coverage, others will only be entitled to partial types of Arkansas Medicaid insurance. Learn more about the intricacies of Arkansas Medicaid with the following sections:

What Services are Covered by Medicaid in Arkansas?

Arkansas Medicaid coverage is separated into two types of Medicaid insurance – traditional Medicaid and ARKids, which is the healthcare Medicaid coverage program for children. Services often require a referral from a member’s primary care physician.

General Medicaid services provided through the program include home health services, physician services, outpatient hospital care, nurse practitioner treatment, inpatient hospital Medicaid services, X-rays, lab tests and ambulatory surgical center services. In addition, the services included in Medicaid types of insurance in AR include rural health clinic services, durable medical equipment, hyper-alimentation services, end-stage renal disease treatment, targeted case management for specific members, medical supplies, and limited eye/dental care Medicaid coverage.

There are limitations associated with Medicaid programs. For example, every 12 months a visual examination and pair of glasses are included in Arkansas Medicaid coverage. Anything beyond this might not be covered.

What is Not Covered by by Medicaid in Arkansas?

What does Medicaid not cover? Knowing this is about as important as knowing what is included in AR Medicaid coverage. Medicaid services in the state of Arkansas do not cover surgery to improve one’s looks, private duty nursing, experimental medical items, medical services rendered by a friend or family member, massage therapy or chiropractic care.

On the other hand, members who are younger than 21 years of age and sign up for Medicaid coverage in Arkansas might be able to receive chiropractic care paid for by Medicaid with a referral from their primary care physician (PCP). Applicants must be aware of the fact that the program will not fund Medicaid services until they have selected a participating doctor in the area.

Understanding Medicaid Costs Estimates in Arkansas

Since Medicaid services are available to those who have low income, it is available at no cost to its accepted members. If an applicant would like to receive Medicaid coverage from a provider other than his or her PCP, he or she must obtain a referral through a ConnectCare physician identifying the types of Medicaid insurance applied for. Otherwise, the applicant will be forced to pay out-of-pocket.

What Does Arkansas State and Government Medicaid Expenditure Include?

Expenditure for annual Medicaid coverage spending is generally calculated at the end of the Federal Fiscal Year (FY). Applicants must know what is included in expenditure to get a clear understanding of the concept of cost and coverage for Medicaid services in Arkansas. The amount of money spent by the government and state of Arkansas each year excludes accounting adjustments and administrative costs.

Spending trends for Medicaid types of insurance are often linked to enrollment, and since Arkansas is among 31 other states that are currently expanding Medicaid coverage eligibility, spending figures are predicted to reduce, as more people enroll in free or low-cost care. The exception for Medicaid services rule, however, is a Medicaid spend-down.

What is a Medicaid Spend-Down?

Circumstances that may prevent someone from being eligible for Medicaid coverage include earning too much money and owning too many resources. Spending down assets to qualify for Medicaid services is usually the solution to this problem.

Even though Medicaid cost estimates relating to assets, resource and income criteria vary from state-to-state, a Medicaid coverage spend-down will always be an option. Savings can be protected if the applicant spends money on assets that are non-countable. Non-countable assets for Medicaid coverage in Arkansas include:

  • Purchasing a new home
  • Paying for home repairs
  • Replacing an old car
  • Funeral expense pre-payment
  • Funding a mortgage
  • Refreshing the home interior with new furnishings

By spending money on the above things, rather than on countable assets for Medicaid coverage in AR, the applicant may not be turned down for coverage. On the other hand, if the candidate is turned away, it is possible to enroll in different types of Medicaid insurance, but only if the recipient spends their excess income (based on Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) annual income) on things related to healthcare or Medicaid services. These things can include prescription drugs and medical equipment.

Ordinarily, this is an acceptable approach to qualify for what services are covered by Medicaid in Arkansas. Should you have an existing prescription for pharmaceutical drugs, simply present this to the Medicaid caseworker who oversees your case at the time you apply for Medicaid coverage.