How to Apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts

Do you want to know how to apply for Medicaid? Massachusetts Medicaid is a State-Federal funded program that provides affordable healthcare to persons that are financially eligible. Medicaid coverage entails long-term care in nursing homes and at home, rehabilitation and acute medical needs. The health plan also has a number of community-based programs, including assistance with local transportation and adult daycare.

Massachusetts Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) are combined into one program known as MassHealth. Members of the program get various benefits such as hospital stays, prescription drugs, doctor visits and other important services at little or no cost.

Review the details involving where to apply for Medicaid, how to apply for Medicaid online, details about theMedicaid application form and more in the sections below:

  • Medicaid application form requirements in Massachusetts
  • Who to include on your Medicaid application in Massachusetts
  • Apply for Medicaid online in Massachusetts
  • How to apply for Medicaid by phone, by fax or in-person in Massachusetts
  • Medicaid application renewal in Massachusetts

Medicaid Application Form Requirements in Massachusetts

Before starting the Medicaid application in Massachusetts, you’ll need to research the personal information required. Also, keep in mind that copies of your documents may be required if more proof is required. Asking “Where do you sign up for Medicaid?” A quick online search will yield several local offices in your area.

The documents below, if applicable, may be requested when your Medicaid application form is reviewed:

  • Social Security numbers of all people applying for Medicaid
  • Non-U.S. citizens applying for MassHealth should have their immigration documents
  • Mailing address or home address of everyone in the household applying for coverage. (The only exception is if the applicant is homeless)
  • Bank account number and the bank’s routing number for either the savings or checking accounts of applicants eligible for coverage through Health Connector (for those who plan to make payment online)
  • Money order or personal check for applicants eligible for coverage through Health Connector (for those who plan to make payment in-person or by check.) A check or money-order payment will be required for the first month’s premium.

If you are employed and are covered by working insurance, you will need to determine the following:

  • The amount of employee contribution to the lowest-cost health plan offered by your employer for individuals.
  • How often is contribution made? Is it made weekly, twice a month, or monthly?
  • Do any of the health plans offered by the employer meet the “minimum vale” standard?

Who to include on your Medicaid application in Massachusetts

Applicants can include the following persons in their MA Medicaid application:

  • Themselves
  • Their spouses
  • Anyone under 19 years of age that they live and take care of
  • Anyone that is on their tax return (even if they are not living with them)
  • An unmarried partner with whom they have children that are below 19 years
  • Children of unmarried partners that are below 19 years. (This is only allowed if the unmarried partner is also included in the application)
  • Anyone included on the tax return of their unmarried partners (even if they do not live together and if the unmarried partner is included in the application)

Including an unmarried partner in your Medicaid application is not mandatory. You can choose not to include:

  • Your unmarried partner that you don’t have children with
  • Your unmarried partner who has kids that don’t live with you
  • Your parents who file their own taxes and don’t claim you as tax dependent even though they live with you
  • Other adult relatives who you do not claim as tax dependent

Apply for Medicaid Online in Massachusetts

To apply for Medicaid in Massachusetts, you will need go to the MA health website. You will be prompted to create an account to apply for MassHealth. If you already have a Medicaid coverage account, do not create a new one. In case you forget your username or password or are locked out of your account, there is a troubleshooting option that you can use to recover your credentials.

How long your online MA Medicaid application will take will be determined by a number of factors, including your income sources, family size, whether or not you are applying for help paying for coverage, and other information.

The online Massachusetts Medicaid application is separated into different sections. In each section, there is information regarding:

  • What the section is about
  • Information required to complete the section
  • Approximate time it will take you to complete the section

It is not mandatory to complete your Medicaid application all at once. If you are short of time, you can save your application at the end of a section to complete later. It is crucial to check the Important Dates and Deadlines section to know the dates by when your application will be required.

How to Apply for Medicaid by Phone, by Fax or In-Person in Massachusetts

If you cannot apply for Medicaid online, you can instead apply by filling out a paper application, by phone or in person at a MassHealth Enrollment Center.

  • To apply for Medicaid by phone, search for the local office’s phone number.
  • If you would like to file a paper Medicaid application form, download and print the necessary document. After filling out the form, mail it in.
  • Medicaid applications can also be faxed. Be sure to use the right cover sheet when faxing your application.
  • You can also apply for Medicaid in MA in person at a MassHealth Enrollment Center.

Before applying, consider the Medicaid eligibility requirements. If you think you qualify, apply for Medicaid through any of the above steps. After applying, you will have to choose a care provider.

Medicaid Application Renewal in Massachusetts

When it is time to renew your Massachusetts Medicaid, you will get a letter from MassHealth regarding the renewal of your benefits. There is usually a deadline for renewing your MassHealth Medicaid coverage. Failure to complete a new application by a given date will cause a loss in coverage. It is crucial to renew you Massachusetts Medicaid on time to ensure there is no gap in coverage.

When renewing, there are various Medicaid eligibility requirements that will still apply. If you no longer meet the Medicaid qualifications, your application may be denied. Therefore, it is important to go through the qualification requirements again before renewing your coverage.