Pennsylvania Medicaid Insurance

Pennsylvania’s Medicaid program provides payments and services for eligible low-income citizens and limited income individuals with large medical expenses. Disbursements are made directly to medical providers. You may be eligible for medical payments that were provided up to three months before your application was completed.

Pennsylvania Medicaid Info

There are some general program requirements you must meet to become eligible for benefits. These are listed below:

  • Reside in the state
  • Be a U.S. national, citizen or a permanent resident in need of assistance, either health care or medical insurance or both
  • Financial circumstances must classify you either as low or very low-income
  • If you qualify as very low-income you must meet one of the following:
    • Pregnant
    • Have a child or children with a disability
    • Be responsible for minor children

In Pennsylvania you apply for benefits through the Compass system. This site will not only assist you with your medical and health care application but it will also guide you in applying for other forms of assistance as well.

Here is a more comprehensive listing of benefits and services in the state.