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Indiana Medicaid Insurance

You can view what plans are available to you along with price quotes. Quotes are presented for all of the major health insurance carriers available to you including Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Humana, United, Assurant, Kaiser (in select states), Cigna, along with regional plan providers.

The state of Indiana uses several criteria to determine Medicaid eligibility for its residents. Individuals who believe they may be eligible should review all of the eligibility guidelines and complete an application. You must complete an application with the Division of Family Resources or DFR in order to receive placement in an appropriate Indiana Social Services program for your specific needs. Each Medicaid program comes with different requirements. However, there are four main criteria that are used to determine eligibility.

  • Age. Different Medicaid programs are intended for Indiana residents in specific age groups.
  • Income and family size. These guidelines include unearned income, such as Social Security Disability payments, and earned income and are dependent upon the number and ages of the people in a household.
  • Medical needs. Specific kinds of medical needs may be factored into an eligibility decision and can also determine specific program placement.
  • Resources and assets. Different programs consider different assets and resources.

The following Medicaid programs are available for Indiana residents:

  • Care Select
  • Family Planning Eligibility
  • Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)
  • Hoosier Healthwise
  • M.E.D. Works
  • Traditional Medicaid
  • Waiver

For more Indiana Medicaid information, check out the Indiana Family & Health Department website.